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  • sayoor al-humaidi

  • cultqueens: “ Gabrielle Drake. ” Talented women, who all possess great skills, as actors/actresses, singers, academics, etc.

    Hind abdullah

    sayoor al-humaidi

    Gabrielle wee.powered by tumblr.

    Spark Alaska
    staff: Fuck yeah! Tumblr is now made up of 100 million blogs. Reblogging because gratitude to tumblr for our ability to reach our listeners. Bless.
    Joy La-Jaxx

    The Baker Street Babes

    حياتنا التي لا يشاركنا أحد في كتابة تفاصيلها ,, نعيشها كمسرحية ~ تفاجئنا فصولها بما لا نتوقع ! !

    Gabrielle wee.powered by tumblr.

    Hello Bottomless girls
    Artfuld0dger (2nd tumblr) Hot Dogs. 2 books, 2 hats, guitar strings, a pair of socks and a protective skin for my computer.
    يارب إجعلني نسمة لا تؤذي .. ” و التّينِ و الزيتُون، و طور سِينين “
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    Hello Bottomless girls

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